Valley Line Cabinets in Tacoma, Washington

What to Expect

Designing a new or remodeled kitchen is an exciting project, but it can also feel overwhelming to start with. Valley Line helps make the process easy, from start to finish. Our showroom representatives are experts in design and installation and help you each step of the way. As you begin, you may also want to download the checklist of considerations about how you plan to use your kitchen, special considerations you might have, and other design elements to think about (It is located to the left under the navigation menu). Magazines are another excellent source for inspiration and it can be very helpful to bring our designers pictures of kitchens that appeal to you.

Every step of the way, Valley Line is there to help make achieving your dream kitchen simple—and the result … well, just exactly as you dreamed it would be!

Once you have selected the style, wood, and design for your new cabinets, you will have 3-4 weeks for your contractor to get your kitchen ready for the cabinet installation. This involves things like painting, floor installation, and sometimes moving the plumbing and electrical if you are remodeling. Valley Line can provide you with a helpful checklist as you get ready for your cabinets' arrival.